Wtf Is Going On Discord Emojis

wtfconfusedwhatwhats going onshockedwhat is happeningwhat the fuckwhat is going onwth
this is
on excuse
bruh going
wtf wtf
what what
confusing face
going what
rock future
persian me
south wtf
angry upset
on know
kindashit chris
on the
carrell confused
wtf going
david wtf
omg workplace
lost happened
luke of
going shocked
kawaii pandas
what office
aaaah haaa
on here
going fill
confusion is
office is
on wtf
in wtf
is going
frightened scared
on wtf
me wtf
shocked murphy
confused perplexed
mental sparky
curtis roach
tim bae
the what
the no
the marvin
russian confused
what getting
going going
shocked over
sent wtf
hell whats
wtf is
meme wtf
what hell
omg wtf
wtf stupid
on going
on moves
going wtf
surprised what
egedke wat
wtf wth
lubatv ruim
the what
on what
wtf confused
up omg
here is
wtf kyle
tangled frustrated
going is
cure oval
garrison doing
on is
claus wtfsanta
le wtf
fuck celticcorpse
wtf wtf
oh fuck
whats nia
fucking fuck
wtf is
s25e6 park
on the
shocked wth
jonce is
rage what
wtf going
what confused
what on
thinking gatie
fuck going
weird creepy
kayce dutton
what surprised
rocket is
go travel
on shirakami
way oh
is wtf
k bye