What Discord Emojis

huhconfusedwait whatsay whatshockedwhat did you sayexcuse mewhat are you talking aboutwhat is it
cat kikiapp
what ayowhat
wide eyes
blinking blinking
what wait
text what
say yes
what excuse
cat what
what wait
heh confused
bcfd monkey
surprised what
david schitts
wait nani
girl god
girl meme
the principal
you what
what im
surprised happy
what what
huh question
confused steve
i%27m my
gif wtf
what huh
what black
you shaking
ma you
omg what
that im
wtf what
cat shiny
confused frog
mike anderson
tkthao219 panda
huh meme
did jerry
s2e10 south
huh say
is whats
nope no
payne you
whats whats
tkthao219 cat
say what
what so
what myerson
scrotie what
the what
you what
what what
harvey why
whats b
what sayyy
huh me
wtf meme
face dont
cat start
talking to
what smart
whats going
have0friends you
abiera what
huh what
dog what
say what
what zac
alien elvis
what you
the what
the in
overall girl
say did
cat what
for 66samus
what sorry
are what
lisa what
doodles what%3F
uhmmm meme
what ennn
what manifest
bruce bruce
frozen huh
66samus what%27s
your it
confused mind
naina see
i%27m i
brown heck
whats night
cute adorable