So Discord Emojis

so whatwho caresi dont carewhateverandwaitingshrugkulfyso excited
kitsch so
waiting ferrell
abiera so
and your
south up
idc but
shrug so
what violet
what whet
der ofen
oh this
im gettingoverit
so karylle
only cute
so horse
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alright not
youre cute
so what
what i
i park
urltv url
sticks s13e5
eyeroll what
couple marshmallow
you ting
cute lonely
reilly umm
raising intensify
yes so
miss rabbit
so yeah
so cute
okay lindalisten
streeter before
what so
cant excited
happens and
cute so
no so
raquel simply
so sowhat
red and
shrug so
so humorous
getting so
where mark
thats so
anxiety nervous
so tired
yay bubble
so why
not this
dont you
much you
rude so
so the
rachel marissa
stars above
plan gonna
tuff ashni
title solo
excited so
mean so
veritasium so
relaxed very
depressing elliott
and what
44cats cute
this awesome
new phyllis
slurms tired
you thank
loveable shes
teen martin
what what
eric you
jam love
so so
feralwife the
so yawn
maicol so
bunny cute
why a
its so
excited dance
south park
maaaad so
so it
so much
crew thats
rigid so
happily cant
suppose i
so cool
not so
so so
do katrina
happy amused