Correct Discord Emojis

thats rightthats correctrightthat is correctyoure rightyesagreeyupthats true
thats is
your correct
correct plankton
royale seth
nod nodding
cerny correct
that farley
sebastian youre
thats thats
park the
you correct
the what
rangers amelia
evil is
cartman tmi
right about
south goo
housewives atlanta
correct check
correctly once
be youd
absolutely are
are you
induced lamb
nijamey correct
correct thats
youre correct
ep210 correct
cantada chris
donald yeah
thats south
i thats
my terrance
absolutely right
100 correct
thats generation
gabrielle so
horse horse
games degeneres
abbott thats
park pc
right correct
thats correct
correct dicaprio
esports perfect
mark button
yes bingo
eric park
gurl yas
youre fenton
david dan
yes yeah
they billy
think youre
moms 605
youre correct
right thats
check tick
that show
line i
correct vec50
thats right
show somehow
cantada chris
correct verified
thats correct
youre correct
mic correct
yep thats
that the
okay right
correct willem
you correct
are right
thats right
best correct
foti soundlyawake
correct correct
dines jared
correct van
thats edwards
sudeepaudio composer
right thats
chris cantada
honor cartman
kupris the
johnny right
right fact
dino you
elisabeth moss
right correct
the correcto
dilipkumar ravichander
cho got
thats berry
liam exactly